Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Energy: Lies, Truths, and Reality

Today was a banner day for both King Barack the 1st and the biggest pain in his ass Mrs. Palin who lives in the echoing vaults of his Majesty's head rent free. First Obama goes off on a rambling BS statement on his "Energy Policy" where at one point he says "We could drill all of our available oil reserves and it won't be enough to satisfy our energy needs in the long term". Now I don't know what he means by "long term" and I would be the last person to call that dipstick a liar (LIAR!) but a report just came out that we have enough oil to satisfy all of our needs for 20 years, we just have to be allowed to bring it up. Now that doesn't count a couple of hundred years supply of natural gas and coal either. Of course Mrs. Palin couldn't let that pass so she wrote an enlightening post on Facebook, here.
 I don't know what that blithering idiot's objective is but we are nearly bankrupt from his policies and it's getting worse. To give you an idea how idiotic this man's energy policies are, I have an High School friend who works in the oil drilling business. He just moved to TUNISIA of all places (revolution and all) because there is no drilling going on here in America. This is just one more thing that he's going to be held accountable for in 2012. Remember these little things add up and the American voters aren't as easily swayed by the lies, twisted truths, and total fabrications of the established media so I believe that they will all get the boot in November of next year and we will get our first woman president. I just hope there will be enough of a country left for Sarah to be president of.

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