Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why is Only Afghanistan in flames after the burning of the Qur'an?

First things first, in this country even that idiot Terry Jones is protected by the First Amendment.
Second, Jones burned the Qur'an March 20th, 2 weeks ago. Why the delayed reaction?
Third, and most troublesome the rioting and murders in Afghanistan started April 1st after the President of Afghanistan condemned the burning.
Fourth,  no other country in the world is melting down over this, and no one in the world is asking WHY IS THAT?

I believe that this was just a convenient excuse for the Taliban and the Al Qaeda sickos to wreak havoc and cause the entire U.S. to be blamed for the acts of a backwater preacher and his 2 dozen followers. So now the entire 300 million + of the rest of us are also responsible? I say that we are grossly overestimating the value of Afghanistan in the war on terror. If they don't want us there, then fine, maybe we should leave. If they prefer the Taliban to democratic rule, fine, my dog has better memory. If the major news outlets can't see the obvious, and just ask the questions that should be asked, maybe they don't want to ask them. We have bled more than enough for that shithole of a country. I think that it is time to re-evaluate our strategy for fighting the war on terror and leave this mob to itself. They are as far from civilized as you can get and still be called a country. We will never root out Osama as things stand. Personally, in my mind that is the only reason to be there anyway. Maybe if we pull out but still have the surveillance in place, he will stick his neck out of his rat hole just enough so that we can take him out remotely. Why haven't we nailed this SOB yet? Our objective in Afghanistan is simple, catch and preferably kill everyone behind the 9/11 attacks. This other crap is just a distraction. After 10 years we aren't any closer to taking those bastards out. I think we have lost our way and our focus on the real reason that we're there. If we aren't there for payback then we shouldn't be there at all.

Nuff Said.

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