Monday, February 28, 2011

Why "Lamestream Media" is a bad Misnomer

With all due respects to the next President, you need to start calling the establishment media something other than the "Lame-stream Media". These bald faced liars and manipulators of the "Unwashed Masses" deserve a much more vitriolic and less "cartoonish" name than that. I was thinking something like "Joseph Goebbels' Bastard Children" or maybe "Pravda - Redux". I work in the business and I know just how condescending and dishonest these people really are. As a case in point, I was working near a conference room on November 1st last year right before the Midterms and actually heard an Executive Producer for the network that I work for say that "We need to spin this so that our guy looks as good as possible. It is up to you people to make it happen". I almost fell out of my chair. I couldn't believe that a once proud news organization had stooped to using Alinsky tactics against the American people. (I probably just put my promotion in jeopardy just for writing this, but I've had it). I also saw on another network this past weekend a Democratic (i.e. Socialist) Strategist actually say that the Republican plan to cut $60 Billion from the rest of this years Federal spending was ( I kid you not) taking $60 Billion out of the national economy. Everyone knows that every cent kept out of the Kleptocrats hands in Washington STAYS in the Private economy and that Federal Spending is an Albatross around the neck of the national economy. Why the Interviewer didn't go right down this idiot's throat baffles me.

I just had an epiphany for the name; "Pinocchio's Press" because these lyin' Bastards have to be shown to the country just exactly what they are. (BTW my other choice was "The Corrupt Lying Bastards Club"). But that didn't make as good of an acronym as PP, or (Pee Pee). Don't think for 1 second that these jerks are telling you the truth. They are telling you "THEIR" truth. Nuff said!

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