Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Billy Beer in Libya

I don't know if anybody else remembers Billy Carter being BFFs with Mohammar Qaddafi but I do. This POS needs to be shot! He ordered the bombing of the Berlin nightclub. So Reagan bombed the crap out of Tripoli in response. Qaddafi's response was to blow up a civilian airliner after Reagan was a lame duck (December of 1988). Bush the 1st did practically nothing. So here we are 22+ years later watching this lunatic shoot up his own people. Something's gotta be done. Oh, I forgot we have a no-nads piece of #@$%# in the White House. NOTHING is going to be done and hundreds if not thousands of Libyans are going to pay the price. Thanks Barak for your blindingly brilliant leadership in another crisis.

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