Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Immigration vs Illegal Immigration

Conservatives do not have an issue with Legal Immigrants. We have a BIG issue with Illegal Immigrants that violate our, borders, Laws, and Sovereignty. I believe that the Illegal Immigration issue could be resolved with the following actions:

  1. If we find you we WILL deport you.
  2. When we deport you there will be a bill attached for all costs accrued by the Citizens of the USA. Payable forthwith from your country of origin.
  3. If your originating Country will not or can not pay the bill it will be deducted from any "Foreign Aid" that we GIVE that country. (By my calculations Mexico might run out of Foreign Aid in about 3 days).
  4. Any and all "Anchor Babies" must meet the 14th Amendment test of "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside". If your parents are here illegally you are NOT subject to the jurisdiction of this country, you are subject to the jurisdiction of your parents home country. You WILL be deported with your parents regardless of your age. Of course you are more than welcome to challenge your status in court, from your parents home country and on your dime not ours. Furthermore I find the theft of an amendment that was meant to ameliorate the sin of slavery, to cover the backsides of Illegal Immigrant progeny a crime.
  5. Any and all Welfare, Social Security, Public Education, and Medical funding going to support Illegal Immigrants MUST cease NOW. The carrot needs to be removed that entices the Illegals to come here.
  6. Any Sovereign Country has the right to protect it's border, with force if necessary. It's time that the United States did exactly that.

Keep in mind that this rant is not against LEGAL Immigrants, I welcome you as a brother would. I am 3rd generation American so my German and Irish Great Grandparents came here legally.

Rather this is a rant against the open THIEVERY of the American taxpayer by the Illegal Immigrants flooding this country some with their home country's support. (That would be you Mexico)

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