Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Honor of Black History Month

A brief history of the Republican Party and Blacks in America:

1. ) The Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.
2.) Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.
3.) The Civil rights act of 1964 was passed by the following percentages:
House - Republican 80% yea 20% nay, Democrats 61% yea 39 % nay (Dems held a 248 to 172 majority!)
Senate - Republican 82% yea 18 % nay Democrats 69% yea 31% nay (Dems held a 67 to 33 majority!)
4.) President Johnson was the Senate Majority Leader when the 1957 Civil Rights Act was watered down to insignificance on his orders.
LBJ passed civil rights ONLY to get the blacks voting democrat. In a phone conversation (on tape at the LBJ Library) with Sen. Russell(D) of Georgia, LBJ said, "That'll keep the n-----s voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

That is the TRUTH!

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