Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Progressives Have Stopped Progress

Anyone who has studied the history of the United States over the last 120 years can see that there was a tug of war going on until 1928 between the "Progressive Movement" and "Traditional American Values". After TR took us down the first steps of the Federal Government owning land which is not exactly forbidden in the constitution but close to it. To Woodrow (I am a God) Wilson completely ignoring the entire constitution because it was irrelevant. We finally had some reasonable and insightful leaders (Calvin Coolidge, Andrew Mellon) that undid most of Wilson's lunacy. They got us through the depression of 1920 (haven't you heard of that?) and lit up the Roaring 20's. Only after the election of 1928 which saw Herbert Hoover win, did we see the train wreck of the Crash of 29, Hoover's massive spending programs to restore the country (which FDR himself said was bankrupting the country) and then eventually FDR's election in 1932. Once into office FDR went nuts and Doubled and Tripled down on Hoover's spending policies (does this sound eerily similar to our current situation). FDR filled his Administration with the "Brain Trust" all Marxists to a man and proceeded to oversee a 10 year destruction of 150 years of progress. With all of their TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) and almost destroying the Supreme Court and having Congress licking his boots, FDR managed to foist off on the USA one of the most politically cynical programs to have ever been created "Social Security". This was a Ponzi scheme of the first magnitude, but with the country in complete shock after 14 years of fiscal crisis, everyone had had enough insecurity (hence the name). Roosevelt himself said that Social Security is not a financial act but a political one. Now in the 21st Century that fat ass chicken has come home to roost in a big way. I will leave this for future posts but suffice it to say that FDR took Wilson's depredations and put them on steroids. After the 50's in which Truman and Eisenhower actually paid off a huge chunk of FDR's debt but kicked the SSA issue down the road. It is is now 1960 and JFK with his honey laced demand for sacrifices for the better good. Actually he was fairly conservative in comparison to the piece of offal followed him: LBJ. Editorial comment here, in spite of Glenn Beck's opinion that Woodrow Wilson was the most dangerous and damaging president that we have ever had. I must submit that LBJ was even worse, what with his hypocritical stance on Civil Rights, His MASSIVE escalation of the Vietnam war, to his absolutely idiotic call for a "War on Poverty". The only thing that he accomplished was to impoverish the entire country. With the exception of the 20's, 50's, and the 80's (Thank you Ronald Reagan) we have been led by a bunch of progressive idiots from both parties. Now it is 2011 and we may actually have a bigger idiot in office than Jimmy (effen) Carter and there is no limit to the amount of damage that has been done and yet can still be done to the country. Obama MUST go, the electorate of this country cannot in all honesty bring this charlatan back. Dammit we won't recover from it. We might, and I really mean MIGHT just be able to dig out from this disastrous administration, but it will take YEARS of fiscal pain. At some point the country is going to have to realize that Social Security is not secure in any way shape or form, and that Medicare is a Chimera and that we need to install Senior Health Banks to take over for that disaster. As far as Medicaid..... END IT. No more, we do not need the albatross any more. The Federal government has very limited responsibilities assigned to it by the constitution, these boat anchors on our society are not in there. I've vented enough for one night, talk to you later.

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