Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Former Midwesterners View of The Wisconsin Debacle

I was born and raised in Ohio. The political and Life fundamentals given to me by my Democratic parents gave me a foundation in "Greed no! Government is good philosophy. The problem is that as most people my age, I made up my own mind. Therefore after being in the Army under Jimmy (eff en) Carter I switched first to Independent, and then to Hard right Republican. What is happening right now in Wisconsin is just what was inevitable under the leftist/progressive agenda. The money isn't there any more for "anything goes" benefits, and when the Governor and duly elected majorities in both houses decide to reign in the Public Employees Unions, the shitstorm started. First the remaining Democratic leaches (Senators) ran out of town to avoid a vote. Then President Obama sent in his goons , oops I'm sorry the Organizing for America folks (goons). And the the national Union leaders showed up, followed shortly by the T.E.A. party on the other side. When it was was all said and done the Wisconsin taxpayer was a bystander in the destruction of their state. The only thing standing in the way of complete bedlam is ( Oh my god!!!) the Wisconsin state constitution. It is about time for Joe Sixpack to take control and put everyone in their place and take the state back. Clearer heads must prevail or this is just the beginning of the meltdown.

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