Friday, January 4, 2013

Enough Already

I am a conservative. I was raised as a Roosevelt Democrat by my parents. I was a registered Democrat until 1980. Then I was a registered Independent. In 1996 I registered as a Republican for the first time. Yet I still voted my conscience as I have ever since. I will never vote for a "Progressive" because all they want is a "Regressive Society". I am so disappointed that America has conciously drifted this far off course. I Pray that we will as a society wake up and stop the insane raping of the productive people in this country to give to the "Deadbeats". Enough is enough. It is time to elect principled representatives who actually do what they were elected to do. In my opinion Presidents Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson,and Obama should go to HELL and burn in the fire and brimstone that the old time Baptist ministers preached about. They have destroyed this magnificent country for what Ceasar called "Bread and Circuses". We can do better. If we don't we will go down like the rest of the nations that were destroyed from within.

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