Saturday, November 10, 2012

The New AmeriKa

Just a note (more like a dissertation) to my liberal friends:
The founders of the United States knew what would happen if the “popular” ideas won out. That is the basic premise of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. National government in this country was intentionally hamstrung to prevent majority overbearance. Yet ever since TR, and especially Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and BHO, the “Progessives” have systematically undermined the Constitution and every American’s right to self-determination. These are protected in the 9th and 10th amendments. Yet you conveniently forget that.  The T.E.A. Part that you so arrogantly call tea baggers and worse is a grass roots upheaval against FEDERAL overreach. You people think that the Feds should do everything and we believe that they should only step in when all else fails. HUGE difference.
 After Sandy I have watched the indoctrinated people of the Soviet Socialist State of New York cry, literally cry, because BIG Government doesn’t help them.  Read some history, like the Johnstown flood, the Dayton flood, and see what everyday people who live there do to help each other without BIG Government. Actually when BIG Government gets involved what happens; Katrina, Andrew, Hugo, the ice storm of 2009 in TN and KY BIG Government fails miserably.  As a matter of fact the Country Music family came to the rescue in 2009 and restored everyone so much quicker. Leave FEMA out of it, they do so much more harm than good. If FEMA was disbanded I wouldn’t miss it in the least. Natural disasters are LOCAL let the LOCALS manage the recovery. Resources from the state and federal government should be under local control, they know better what needs to go where.
That doesn’t touch what the Progressives have done to destroy our individual rights and liberties. Start with the 16th amendment, and the 17th amendment. With the creation of an income tax the Federal Government stepped into Totalarianism. It’s only gotten worse as time has gone on. The 17th amendment ended the United States of America, since individual states had no more say in the federal government beyond the Electoral College for Presidential elections. Which BTW Progressives want to end also. Both need to be repealed as well as overturning the Federal Reserve Act. I say GO back to a Gold standard. Stop spending more than the nation can produce. Get real.
The U.S. Dollar is currently the reserve currency for the rest of the world. We have so abused its value with QE1, QE2, and now QE3, that the rest of the world wants out. There are some (including Treasury Secretary Geithner) in this country that would welcome that. Don’t you people realize the unmitigated disaster that would occur; I hope you have a big enough wheelbarrow to carry your cash so that you can go shopping for bread? We are talking hyper-inflation on the levels of the Weimar Republic.
I am near retiring and I have ZERO expectation of seeing any of the hundreds of thousands that I personally have paid into effen Social Security. They tell me every three months that I can expect $3000 a month for the rest of my life. REALLY? REALLY? Get real if I get $300 dollars a month I’ll be surprised. Besides after what I think will happen if the dollar is disenfranchised as the reserve currency it won’t matter. So if that happens, every American over the age of 30 has completely pissed away 15% of your hard earned wages on a system that is now officially out of money. You can expect nothing. EVER. I kid you not. What’s worse is that the 401K that I have been pouring money into is also going to be worthless. Well doesn’t that give you a nice warm fuzzy? Trust me bedlam will ensue once reality sets in.
We as a people still have the power in our hands to stop the insanity from happening. My liberal friends are however going to have to admit that the government can’t do everything. It costs too much; we can’t afford to impose proper morality on 310 Million people. Less Government in a BIG way is the only way to save this mess. More Government spending only dooms us all.

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