Sunday, June 5, 2011

War In The Trenches In the MSM

Sorry that I haven't posted lately. I'm not going to give an excuse. I am a naturally lazy person ( Human Male). However I've be getting hammered at work over the Palin - Paul Revere Nontroversy.  I am going to say once and for all there is nothing that Palin said that was inaccurate. PERIOD. However the assaults that I have received from my co-workers and the assaults on Palin because of my support of her is mind boggling. I have worked with some of these people for 12 years and have enjoyed a very professional and uplifting relationship with them. The problem is that once they knew that I was a Palin supporter their heads exploded. I mean it was like watching the Exorcist LIVE or being tortured for the"Rapture", OH That was 2 weeks ago and I missed it dammit. But seriously if not for me their machines wouldn't work and yet they attack me. Gee if I was vindictive they'd be sitting on their thumbs pissing and moaning about something that really mattered: their jobs. Oh well we proles must do for the Master's as the the good man dictated. I will be free and when it happens everyone will see a difference.

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