Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why did Sarah Palin Resign as Governor of Alaska?

The answer is very simple, she had 18 ethics complaints filed against her AFTER becoming the Republican VP designee. With the exception of one, which was settled, they were all thrown out as frivolous. It cost her over $500,000 in legal fees out of her pocket. At the time she didn't have the wealth that she has now. The Dem operatives that filed the complaints paid $0 because of the way Alaskan law is written. They even went so far as to complain that her legal fund couldn't be used to pay her legal fees and won because the "independent arbitrator" happened to be one of Obama's legal team employees. How's that for fair and legal. The thing that bothers me the most is that her successor Sean Parnell who is in Big Oil's back pocket BIG TIME has had exactly 0 ethics complaints filed against him and he's about as dirty with oil money as you can get. Ain't America great.........

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