Friday, June 24, 2011

"The Undefeated" no further arguments Necessary

I had the honor and privilege of viewing the rough cut of Stephen K. Bannon's movie about Sarah Palin titled "The Undefeated". To be frankly honest the movie didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know about her. With that said, there were a couple of times in the movie that brought me to tears. Knowing as I do, the viciousness of the media. Everyone in this country should see this movie, but realistically less than 5% will. Mr. Bannon will get a pretty good ROI but it won't get the traffic that it deserves because the media won't promote it to the general public. Actually they will attack it as untruthful. Which is in itself a lie, but why should the truth get in the way of their agenda. The problem is that this movie is intended for the general public. But I hope that I am horribly wrong and it takes off like it deserves.

The movie itself is crafted masterfully into 3 acts with a coda that's slightly longer than the first act(which implies that it's not a coda but a fourth act). The 1st act covers the birth of her political life. moving into her Governorship. The 2nd act covers her Governorship and the successes that she had. The 3rd act covers her as the VP nominee and the effect that it had on the moribund McCain Presidential run. The Coda is everything since which includes her speech in Madison in the snow while the SEIU thugs were trying to drown her out. Sarah was the T.E.A. party before there was a T.E.A. party. and this movie brings this out.

Please keep in mind that I am a rock hard Palin supporter and that I am trying to give an honest critique. The sound track was absolutely hideous, at points the "temp music" drowned out the dialog of the testimony during the interviews. Again, let me remind you that the content and message of the movie itself were "Pitch Perfect". Dear God I hope that he fixes the sound bed for the main release, because it was a MAJOR distraction. However not for one instant did the movie "drag on", it moved to it's natural conclusion (today) which leaves Mrs. Palin deciding whether or not to run for the Presidency. It covered her endless battle against the Republican establishment, from the get go in her career to her current existence as the President's cranial resident. The bottom line is this is a great documentary and the message is not so much pro-Palin as it is pro-America.

In summary, go see the movie this summer it is an absolutely feel good movie for America.

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