Thursday, March 3, 2011

Civilization 101

"What we have heah' is a failure to communicate" or my vote for the best line for international relations: "You don't understand!". Anyhow the bottom line is that we are not in a war on terror or a class war, what the Jihadist murders of 2 USAF Airmen in Frankfurt showed is that we are in a "Civilizational War". The Middle Eastern Sects of Islam both Sunni and Shia HATE the United States with a passion that's (un) holy. We stand against everything that they are for and are constantly preached about to defend with Holy Jihad. They are also against everything that we are for and are constantly preached about to defend against with Holy Jihad. Coddling this blight of a religion is absolutely the worst mistake that we as a people can make. I will defend to the death the principles of freedom of religion that this country was founded on (BTW NOT freedom FROM religion). So now we have a dilemma. Do we recognize a religion that hijacked the writings of Jewish and early Christian prophets and then later in Mohammad's delusions of grandeur, calls both of those religions Apostate and Infidel, or do we realize the fact that 20% of the current human population has been deluded by a common criminal and con-man. This is not going to end nicely, nor is it going to end in our lifetimes. I'm afraid that the "Civilizational War" is going to end in a bloody mess, and it's going to last for decades if not centuries.

Sorry, but I think Nostradamus was right on this one and the "New City" had flames (9/11) and the 1,000 year war has begun. Our only other option (SERIOUSLY) is go into every country in the world and weed out "Radical" Islam. Not gonna happen.

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