Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

38 years ago today 2 complete strangers crashed their VW into a telephone pole, jumped out and grabbed me and dragged me into the stairwell in front of St. Brigid's Catholic School. Of course the building collapsed on top of us but they saved my life and I don't know who they are and have never been able to find them. God was really smiling on me that day since when we all jumped into the stairwell I was holding the iron safety railing. I had just let go when the hi-voltage power line let go and whacked into it. Once the monster was gone, I climbed out of the rubble with a busted arm, a massive blood clot on my shoulder, multiple lacerations on my head, and my right index finger nearly cut off. So what does this future engineer do? I head over to my friends house which of course isn't there anymore. Then I think wow I am bleeding alot so I find an ambulance where the EMT is trying to stop the bleeding from some poor guy's arm which had been cut off above the elbow. I was still OK at that point until I asked the EMT if he could help me. Of course he says to me "I'M A LITTLE BUSY HERE." So I left for the hospital. This photo was taken from the hospital roof:
So to say the least the hospital was jumping. OF COURSE the overflow emergency room was the Morgue, it only makes sense. So that's where I spent the night of April 3 1974 at the ripe old age of 15. My father saved dozens of kids lives at the library that day because that's where I was supposed to be and he was there to pick me up. Lucky them. On my way to the hospital I walked past the library and saw my Father's car up in the tree. I know at this point that I must be dead because if I'm not my Father is going to kill me. After spending the night in the Morgue and getting lots of free McDonald's hamburgers to eat for dinner that night, my Dad comes and finds me about midday on the 4th. I get a hero's welcome when I get home and yet I didn't have a clue what had just happened over the last 24 hours. Again I wouldn't be typing this now if not for the kindness of two complete strangers who saved my life that day. So from a snot nosed 15 year old punk who grew up to have a full and productive life (and my first Grandson was just born Saturday). THANK YOU and may God protect you and keep you whoever you are.

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