Friday, November 18, 2011


The TEA Party debt commission  (a group of 12 prominent TEA party activists) has worked for several months on a Federal budget proposal which they submitted to Congress today. The proposal is located here. It's basic premises are as follows:
  •  “Cuts, caps, and balances” federal spending.
  •  Balances the budget in four years, and keeps it balanced, without tax hikes.
  •  Closes an historically large budget gap, equal to almost one-tenth of our economy.
  •  Reduces federal spending by $9.7 trillion over the next 10 years, as opposed to the President’s plan to increase spending by $2.3 trillion.
  •  Shrinks the federal government from 24 percent of GDP — a level exceeded only in World War II— to about 16 percent, in line with the postwar norm.
  •  Stops the growth of the debt, and begins paying it down, with a goal of eliminating it within this generation.
To achieve these goals, our plan, among other things:
  •  Repeals ObamaCare in toto.
  •  Eliminates four Cabinet agencies — Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD — and reduces or privatizes many others, including EPA, TSA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.
  •  Ends farm subsidies, government student loans, and foreign aid to countries that don’t support us — luxuries we can no longer afford.
  •  Saves Social Security and greatly improves future benefits by shifting ownership and control from government to individuals, through new SMART Accounts.
  •  Gives Medicare seniors the right to opt into the Congressional health care plan.
  •  Suspends pension contributions and COLAs for Members of Congress, whenever the budget is in deficit.
 This is so common sense and , dare I say it American, that I know that no one in Congress will take the ball and run with it because they are all cowards.
 H/T Smitty at The Other McCain

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