Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shared Sacrifice, HUH?

President Obama and the Democrats say that we should share the sacrifice to get the debt under control. Are you kidding me, when almost 50% of Americans don't pay ANY taxes and close to 30% actually get money FROM the feds. I do think so. If you really want to share the sacrifice here's a way to increase revenues and reduce the spending.
  1. Eliminate the EIC. Period.
  2. Everyone pays at least 1% in taxes. No exceptions.
  3. Eliminate the AMT. Which is a punishing Middle Class tax that was intended for the rich.
Those three thing would go a little part of the way in closing the gap. There are more cost cutting measures that would have a bigger impact like eliminating the Department of Education (Every state has it's own). Eliminate the Department of Veteran Affairs and put it back under the DOD. Eliminate the EPA and make the Department of Interior do it's job. That's just a start there are a whole lot bigger fish to fry but I have faith that we will clean up Washington though. It might not happen right away but it will happen.

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